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Honey Island Swamp- Classic New Orleans Swampland

The 250 square mile Honey Island Swamp is a unique gem in America- it is a pristine land, unaltered by the rest of our commercialized society.  Whether you are going to explore New Orleans nature or to see a glimpse of the legendary Bigfoot, Honey Island Swamp is the place for you!

Some Swamp History

Located in southeast Louisiana, 50 minutes from downtown New Orleans in St. Tammany Parish, Honey Island Swamp earned its name from the honeybee clusters once seen swarming on Honey Island.  Today, Honey Island lies between the East and West Pearl Rivers, and can easily be visited by boat.  Industries have made a killing off of Honey Island swamp tours, because of the swamp’s authenticity and uniqueness.  A paradise for fishermen, Honey Island Swamp is also home to the one million plus population of alligators in the state of Louisiana. Of course, there will be no interaction with those on the boat.

Swamp Features

Honey Island Swamp is known for its entrancing, natural wildlife.  Beavers, birds, snakes, alligators and a variety of fish like to call Honey Island Swamp home.  One of the things that the Swamp likes to call its own is the presence of one “BigFoot”.  According to a commercial fisherman, BigFoot has been sighted and lives in the dense, impenetrable areas of the swamp.  Now BigFoot, Wookie, or the Honey Island Swamp Monster is a part of Louisiana legend.  Known as a paradise for fishermen, Honey Island Swamp is home to tons of crawfish, bass, sunfish and others.  Those interested in endangered species may be able to find one of the few bald eagle nests in creation, dating back to the early 1900’s.  As you can see, Honey Island Swamp is an excellent place for nature lovers, botanists, animal lovers or even those looking to get a bit of a thrill from an urban legend.

Come visit the most pristine swampland in the country!

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