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Bobby West
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United States
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October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
High School
Survey Manager
Expertise In
Overseeing and managing survey operations managing survey crews
Company Name
MIDCO Services LLC
Years Of Experience In Industry
Utilities | Energy | Resources
Type of Business
Surveying & Inspection Services
Products / Services Offered

Project planning and execution land and pipeline surveying vendor inspection services field construction inspection services field data collection establishing and routing pipelines

Provides clients with technical services such as mapping field data collection inspection and other related services

Company Website
Favorite Vacation Place
Hobbies / Sports
Enjoys carpentry and doing handy work
Place of Birth
Columbia Louisiana
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Bobby is the Survey Manager for MIDCO Services LLC a company providing Mapping Inspection and Data Collection for companies in communications utilities and municipalities as well as any company requiring tracking and record keeping for existing infrastructures.

Launching his career as an Assistant Survey Manger and later as Pipeline Inspector for Mustang Engineering Bobby gained nearly 15 years of valuable experience in managing crew and coordinating with clients. Joining MIDCO as Survey Manager in 2012 Bobby was welcomed as a true asset to their survey team. Responsible for overseeing and managing survey operations of preliminary and existing pipelines Bobby draws on his extensive industry experience to lead his team of surveyors in locating and developing the best possible solution for each individual client.

Bobby is affiliated with the Pipeline Construction Professionals. In his free time Bobby enjoys carpentry and handy work. 


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