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Charles K Abbott
Basic Info
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United States
Member Since:
October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
Completed High School and Has Experience in the Field
Expertise In
Owner of Vending Lemonade
Company Name
First Aid Lemonaid
Years Of Experience In Industry
6 Years
Sports | Recreation
Type of Business
Owner of Lemonaid Vendor
Products / Services Offered

Produces and is a Vendor for Lemonade at Major Events Festivals and Fundraisers

Company Website m.firsta
Affiliations / Awards

Raises Money for Medical Patients St. Jude American Stroke Association American Cancer Society MDA Childrens Miracle Network Louisiana Military Families & Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank


Favorite Business Publication
Favorite Vacation Place
Beach - Florida
Hobbies / Sports
Beach Football softball baseball track
Place of Birth
Baton Rouge Louisiana
More About Me

Born in Baton Rouge Louisiana and residing in Prairieville since 1997 with my wife Evie. I am the father of 1 son and 1 daughter. I have 2 grand daughters and 1 grandson. I graduated from Central High school in 1978 and was a member of the Football team and track. I currently am employed with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank since 2001 and has the opportunity to assist people in need of Food.

I am a member of the West Side Moose Lodge in Port Allen Louisiana  and We are the Difference in Plaqumine Louisiana.

I have worked on the LSU Campus assisting with clean up projects in my spare time. I also enjoy fishing and watching sporting events.

It is a pleasure to work with my twin Brother Melvin Abbott as we work well together and together we strive to LEMONATE Cancer $1.00 at a time

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