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Deborah Gauthier
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United States
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October 1, 2012
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Education / Degree
some college
Expertise In
Quality Customer Service
Company Name
Diversified Gifts
Years Of Experience In Industry
16 Years
Type of Business
Business Services Entrepreneur
Products / Services Offered

I sell impressive gifts exclusive collectibles and unique home decor at various webstores online I am a founding member of Vortex Marketing Group which includes Big Value Depot I am an Associate Representative of Max Life Direct products member of NAPW I am an associate at STIFORP iContact All Inclusive Ads Internet Traffic 24/7 Fiverr and various other affiliate programs.

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Affiliations / Awards

Stanfords Whos Who The Merchant Circle Vortex Marketing Group Big Value Depot Max Life Direct KaratBars Stiforp SFI Triple Clicks Automatic Profit Machine iContact All Inclusive Ads Internet Traffic 24/7 Level 2 seller at Fiverr

Favorite Vacation Place
Australia New Zealand
Hobbies / Sports
Reading Crafting Network marketing
Place of Birth
New Orleans Louisiana
More About Me

I am a fifty something year old woman who has kept focused on building a business by branding myself as an intelligent motivated individual interested in reaching astronomical goals by helping others to reach their dream of financial freedom and early retirement. We must prepare for the outlandish changes our world is going through by protecting ourselves and families from financial devastation without depending on our governments to bail us out.

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